This website is set up by Seamus's friends and comrades to pay tribute to a “Solid Revolutionary”. 

Seamus was an anti-imperialist and he was committed to a Socialist 32 County Republic in Ireland but he was also an internationalist. 
Believing in a broad unity he had a natural empathy with oppressed people worldwide. 
He was a thinker and an activist.  Looking for the positive element and a unity of purpose, he lived in the present, in the midst of the action and looked to the future. 

Seamus recognised the written word as a tool in the revolution, and used it as such. He studied, wrote and published pamphlets and publications throughout his life. 
Seamus was murdered in 1985. 
These pages become our marker to him, in the hope that this tribute keeps his spirit alive in all of us.

Seamus Ruddy

1952 - 1985

Irish Revolutionary Socialist,

Irish Citizens’ Army volunteer 1973 – 1985.


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